My sister loves to journal.  She has been journaling for almost as many years as she has been alive.  My sister is also a very creative person - an artist.  She is always looking for some creative, unique book to do her journaling in.  One afternoon, she was walking out in my dad's barn.  Feeling the breeze on her face and smelling the freshness of the day, she thought about that wood.  "Do you think we could take some of this barn wood and make a book out of it?"  This was the birth of our Alburnum wooden covered journals and photo albums. 

Alburnum books can be used for journals, photo albums, baby books, list books, guest books, doodle books, website info books, hunting books, drawing books, calendars, watercolor albums, fishing books, writing books, health track books, milage books, log in books, organizer books, address books, and practically any other possibility that you might use paper or albums for.

 My husband and I are missionaries in West Africa.  We do Community Development among some of the poorest people in the world.  Teaching new farming and mechanical trades will not only fill their bellies today, but will also help to sustain them for years to come.  We adopted a little baby from there who was abandoned in a field.  Orphaned babies is another one of our passions and loves.  Most of the proceeds from our Alburnum books are going back into this mission work in West Africa allowing us to continue our work with these people with whom we have come to love.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our books and consider buying them as gifts for others (they are great for that hard to buy for person in your life) or to enjoy yourself!